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Growing a following on Twitter isn’t easy. Though tools are included to reach the desired market for everyone, the fact is you are always forced to swim against the current, because brands that are already known and established have a healthy following. There is nothing harder than getting exposure for your brand when trying to compete with an established brand similar to your own.

We are FollowGrow and we specialize in growing your Twitter following and getting more exposure for your brand, your products, and your services.

How Our Service Works

How our Twitter Followers service works


Step 1:
Sign Up Below

First, you have to sign up below and get started so we can help your Twitter account grow.


Step 2:
Identify Targeted Followers

Using your input, we identify the types of followers that are perfect for your brand.


Step 3:
We Start Working

We then take the reins and get to work, doing the daily following needed to grow your account.


Step 4:
Your Followers Grow

You will soon see your followers growing by hundreds of new potential leads each day.

Let us Save You Hours A Week On Twitter



  • 2,500 NEW Twitter followers every month (average)
  • Daily targeted following.
  • Regular follower optimization.
  • More Twitter leads!
  • $59/month

FollowGrow Pro

  • 5,000 NEW Twitter followers every month (average)
  • Daily targeted following.
  • Regular follower optimization.
  • Even more Twitter leads!
  • $99/month

DIY Growth

  • As many followers as you have hours to spend.
  • Our exact methods we follow.
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • More followers = more leads.
  • Your Time

(Note: If you currently have less than 2,500 followers, a one-time $30 setup fee will be required.)

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